About me

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog. I’m a Agilist from Canberra, Australia working in the walls of a Federal Government Agency.

I decided to start this blog to share my thought, experience and observations about all things Agile. Maybe even part some of my learnings and knowledge about Agile practices and mindsets.

Definition of vagilefree to move about

I was encouraged by my Agile mentor – Bob Galen, a big name in the Agile community to share some of my ramblings. For those who do not know who Bob Galen is ‘shame, shame on you’, just kidding… He is kind of a big deal in the Agile community and a long time Agilist. He is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in Agile practices and mindset with a lot of skin in the game. He lives and breathes Agile. You can tune into his podcast and soak up some of that Agile knowledge through the ‘MetaCast‘ series.

In the spirit of Agility and ‘Continuous Improvement’, I have started this blog to improve my communication. By extension of this hopefully sharpen my written and verbal communication skills. I am by nature an introvert.

Well since you are here enjoy the blog. Just as a side note this blog is personal blog sharing my own views, experiences and observations. After reading this, it might just undo all my credibility or it may spark some interesting topics of discussion.

Now, what’s the deal with Vagile? That is an interesting name. You may have been wondering how I came up with this. I also use it as my social media and digital platform handle. In fact, I actually didn’t put too much thought in it. Out of chance I found out what the definition was, to ‘freely move about’ which to me seems pretty Agile.

Well enjoy your stay and let’s take a pragmatic lead towards agile excellence…