Gym thoughts

I don’t have shower thought’s so gym thoughts are my thing. My showers are nice and quick so can rush out and get to work.

For a few who know me. I used to be a national level body building competitor in the IFBB and NABBA/WFF federation. Now, I don’t train as intense as I used to but spend my time in the gym to keep healthy and to think. I mentor a young lass a Project Manager who works for a defence systems company – we often spend 20-30 min in the morning doing cardio chatting away about work.

So this morning it occurred to me things that require ‘Zero’ talent which can make you a great person and team member clustered into 10 main categories.

  1. Passion – having passion for your work and the thing you do. What gets you up in the morning and excites you.
  2. Coach-able – being able coach-able to help shape the person your need to become to succeed. To be able to take constructive criticisms, being open to new ideas and different ways of working.
  3. Attitude – showing up with a good and positive attitude to work is noticeable by everyone. Such as being a team player, leaving your personal problems at home and not taking it to work.
  4. Effort – putting the effort into your work, attention to detail, caring and trying your best as you can.
  5. Energy – bringing in the right vibes and how you show up to make a difference.
  6. Being on time – being respectful of everyone’s time
  7. Work ethic – modelling good working behaviour to produce value consistently and modelling good behaviours
  8. Body language – awareness of how you present yourself through your body posture, facial expression, tone of voice and attitude.
  9. Doing the extra – going the extra mile to help others, caring and listening.
  10. Being prepared – for meetings, how you are showing up to work, preparation for the next day and being prepared to help others.

Keen to hear your thoughts!