Are we leading by example?

As Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and Leaders…we really need to model the Agile practices and mindsets we say we believe in behaviours aligned to the Agile values and principles.

Do we really believe in the Agile values and the principles that we are preach? Do we really believe in it or do we just kind of believe in it?

What I have been noticing as of recently are behaviours from leaders and Agile coaches that do not align to the fundamental Agile values and principles of the manifesto.

I feel the fundamentals has been lost in translation somewhere along the lines and we need to get back the roots of Agile and back to the basics. I am seeing “Agile coaches” meddling in businesses where they shouldn’t be sticking their noses where their focus should be to coach, teach, foster and model Agile behaviours. To choose the appropriate situational stance to co-creation of solutions to foster better collaboration across teams and focus on connecting people together to help deliver lasting results. Coaches should be supporting the Agile maturity in Product Owners, delivery teams and servant leaders alike.

I feel as leaders, Scrum Masters and Agile coaches we ourselves need mentors or 360 feedback mechanisms to bring us back to centre.

Are we getting caught up in the chaos and losing our ways without a torch to lead us out of darkness.

We need to be conscious of our self and model the Agile behaviours would like and want to see. You are the change. Be the change you want to see.