What? What? What? (Retrospective)

Context: This retrospective was inspired by my team who didn’t enjoy abstract and creative Agile retrospective games.

How to: The format is a 3 step format with ‘What’, ‘So, What?’ and ‘Now, What?’. As the team coach or Scrum Master take observations throughout the sprint which could be detrimental or Agile anti-patterns.

Step 1: Ask the team ‘What’ facts, data and observations did they make during the sprint which stood out?

Step 2: Ask the team ‘So What‘ did you see and explain what they saw? Based on their observations did you see a pattern or anti-patterns or things that do not align to the way we work? Marry it your own observations you made during the sprint.

Step 3: Now, ask the team ‘Now what‘ actions make sense moving forward?

Pull out the actionable ‘actions items’, what I mean is some items are bigger impediments such as organisational and very difficult to action. These will need to be escalated and may require your coach or Scrum Master to action. You can use dot voting to prioritise – 3 dots each person to use on any actionable items which they feel is important.