Marie Condo (Retrospective)

Context: This retrospective was inspired by my team when they wanted to ‘Marie Kondo’ the studio as part of a story. It has been years since it has been done properly. The team has changed a lot over the last few years, Agile principle and practices and processes. Through lots of ‘inspection and adaption’ it modified the way they work as a team and the processes around how they work together as a team.

How to: It will be a 3 Column format with three categories ‘Brings You Joy,’ ‘Throw Out,’ and ‘Recycle’. It will be a 2 minute time-box format for each column. I always like to start off on a positive note ‘Brings You Joy’, then move through the rest of the categories.

Ask the team to write down as many things they can think of for things that happened during the last sprint that fall into any of those categories in each time-box.

Have each person read their note and stick it in the category and cluster them for if there are themes. Ask them to cluster them if there are themes.

Next: Start a conversation

  • If there are clustered themes in the ‘Throw Out’ category then talk about the themes to pull out actionable items to improve the next sprint and/or future sprints (something might be pretty big and cannot be resolved immediately)
  • If there are no clusters of themes in the ‘Throw Out’ category then give everyone 3 – dots to use how they want to. If they feel its important to discuss then they can use all 3 on one sticky note. This will help to prioritise what to discuss.